We are a church meeting in James Bay, Victoria, that values real community and authentic Christian teaching. No masks, no self-righteous religion, no compromise. A safe place to explore and belong!

Beacon Church is located in James Bay, Victoria, BC. We took the name “Beacon” as a reference to the landmark Beacon Hill Park adjacent to the village of James Bay. We chose the word “Communities” for a variety of reasons.

1. “Community” is another word for a “church”. (read more)

2. We want to reach the communities around Beacon Hill Park. (read more)

3. In order to make a difference in a place like James Bay, we realized that we needed to “do church” differently. So we have chosen to establish three different kinds of “communities” for three distinct purposes: a large worship community (church service), mid-sized neighbourhood communities (barbecues, potlucks, parties, etc.), and many small home-based communities for Christian teaching, spiritual care and so on. (read more)




First, when Jesus Christ founded the Christian movement nearly 2000 years ago, he sent his followers throughout the world to establish communities of believers within their cities to meet together for mutual care and support, learning from the Bible and worship. In the original language of the Christian Bible, these communities are called by the word “ekklesia”, which means a congregation, assembly, gathering or community. 



Second, as we grow it is our hope to plant new churches throughout Victoria, but our initial focus is on the communities of James Bay and then Fairfield (both of which border Beacon Hill Park). 



Third, our strategy for making a positive impact in the lives of people in our city centres around establishing “communities” for three  distinct purposes. The largest of these will be our Sunday Worship -- our public, Sunday church service. There is nothing unique about a church service. But we also came to realize that the unique population density and diversity of James Bay called for a unique approach. So we developed the idea of establishing Village Communities --neighbourhood-wide gatherings of local residents to party, celebrate special events and holidays, share good food and connect people of all backgrounds and beliefs with new, meaningful friendships. Next, after our Sunday Worship and our mid-sized Village Communities, the most intimate and personal of our gatherings is in the form of Home Communities. Here, Christians gather for the purpose of accountability, intentional study of the Bible, spiritual care, discipleship and prayer.

We are excited about this three-tiered community approach. We have seen that North American churches often struggle to preserve historic Christian teaching in their church gatherings, while also trying to be hospitable and welcoming to the post-Christian culture around them. Many mistakes have been made both in terms of becoming overly insulated on the one hand, or  indistinguishable from the values and beliefs in the surrounding culture on the other. We aim to avoid both errors by worshipping God in an authentic, Christian, biblical way in our public Sunday Worship services; welcoming and building relationships with people of all beliefs and lifestyles in our Village Communities, and by helping Christians grow and change to become more like Jesus through our Home Communities.